Toranomon Hills Residence

Average price: 4,300,000 Yen/sqm
Size range: 44.80 ~ 239.83 sqm (482 ~ 2581 sqft)

Area: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Toranomon Hills is the latest luxury development from Mori Building.

Located in a prime business district between Shinbashi and Roppongi, the 52-storey tower is already a local landmark and is  spurring on additional redevelopment in the nearby area.

At a height of 247 meters, this is Tokyo’s second tallest mixed-use building after Roppongi’s Midtown Tower.

The building contains retail facilities, office space on floors 6 to 35, residences on floors 37 to 46 and Japan’s first Andaz Hotel on floors 47 to 52.

There are 172 apartments, of which 70 were made available for sale with the remainder for rent. Most of the apartments had sold prior to the building’s official opening on June 11, 2014.

Residents have access to bilingual support services, room service, house-keeping, catering, restaurant and spa facilities offered in conjunction with the Andaz hotel (residents must pay a membership fee for these benefits, however).

While prices and sales were not publicly advertised, some suggest they were priced at a record-setting high of around 4 million Yen per square meter when brand new. Mori Building only ever builds apartments at the very top end of the market, and they still command high prices years after completion.

Mori’s other high-end condominiums include:

The MacArthur Road section of the No. 2 Arterial Ring Road runs directly underneath Toranomon Hills.


Toranomon 1 Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Toranomon Sta. – 5 min walk
Uchisaiwaicho Sta. – 8 min walk
Kamiyacho Sta. – 10 min walk

Completion: 2014
No. of units: 172
Construction: 52 Stories
Construction Company: Obayashi Corporation
Developer: Mori Building
Carparking: 544 spaces
Land size: 17,069 sqm
Land ownership: Freehold

Toranomon Hills Residence 5

Toranomon Hills Residence Interior 1

Toranomon Hills Residence Interior 2

Toranomon Hills 43F Floorplan

43F 2-Bedroom 89.04 sqm (958 sqft) + 17.55 sqm balcony. Listed in 2015 for 350,000,000 Yen.

Toranomon Hills Residence 45F Floorplan

45F 2-Bedroom 88.70 sqm (954 sqft) + 17.55 sqm balcony. Listed in 2015 for 380,000,000 Yen.


  • 28F 1-Bedroom 70.35 sqm 255,000,000 Yen (3,625,000 Yen/sqm) (2016)
  • 38F 2-Bedroom 84.90 sqm 410,000,000 Yen (4,829,000 Yen/sqm) (2016)
  • 39F 2-Bedroom 100.51 sqm 480,000,000 Yen (4,776,000 Yen/sqm) (2016)
  • 39F 2-Bedroom 114.05 sqm 498,000,000 Yen (4,367,000 Yen/sqm) (2016)
  • 40F 2-Bedroom 82.68 sqm 279,000,000 Yen (3,374,000 Yen/sqm) (2016)
  • 43F 2-Bedroom 89.04 sqm 350,000,000 Yen (3,931,000 Yen/sqm) (2015)
  • 43F 2-Bedroom 103.73 sqm 357,000,000 Yen (3,442,000 Yen/sqm) (2017)
  • 44F 2-Bedroom 103.73 sqm 450,000,000 Yen (4,338,000 Yen/sqm) (2016)
  • 45F 2-Bedroom 88.70 sqm 380,000,000 Yen (4,284,000 Yen/sqm) (2015)

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