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Wellith Arisugawa Penthouse

3-Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms + 1 car space
Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
414,564,035 Yen
(2,254,000 Yen/sqm)



Wellith Arisugawa is the first condominium apartment building to be built in the Minamiazabu 5 Chome area in the past 7 years. It is a 12 minute walk to the Grand Hyatt Tokyo and Roppongi Hills (or 5 minutes by taxi). The neighbourhood has a number of embassies, international schools and supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and expat housing.

This is one of four penthouse apartments on the top floor of the building. It shares an elevator hall with only one other apartment. The building was completed in October 2013 and this is the last apartment available for sale by the developer. 

The concierge desk has English-speaking staff who can arrange taxis, deliveries and house keeping services. There is guest parking, as well as a party room and wine cellar for residents.

This corner apartment has a private wrap-around rooftop terrace with a total area of 39.80m². It also features wood flooring, built-in air-conditioning, a Jaxson bathtub with TV, floor heating in the living/dining and kitchen and a separate entrance for staff. Ceiling heights are up to 2.6 meters in the living/dining room.

The structure was built using menshin (base isolation) earthquake-resistant construction, which is the highest grade and most expensive option. It reduces the swaying and shaking in an earthquake to reduce the chance of furniture and valuables from falling over.

One machine car park and a trunkroom (storage room) is included with this apartment.

Download a PDF of the brochure.

Floorplan: Read More

Discount on the world’s largest 1-bedroom apartment

Is this the biggest 1-bedroom apartment in the world? It almost certainly is the largest one-bedroom in Japan, and at 700sqm+ it is Japan’s 2nd largest apartment.

Sadly, this penthouse atop Brillia Mare Ariake remains unsold despite a recent drop in the asking price from 1.05 billion to 600 million Yen (7.6 million USD). Not even Madonna’s advertising campaign for the building was enough to secure a sale (see Youtube ads here and here).

Price Reduction

After a 43% price reduction, the new price works out to 840,000 Yen/sqm.

Normal, non-penthouse apartments in this building were priced at 750,000 Yen/sqm when listed off-the-plan in 2007. Prices increased to 825,000 Yen/sqm by 2010~2011, but they have taken  tumble since the Tohoku disaster which highlighted the risk of living on man-made islands, and are now around 728,000 Yen/sqm (850 USD/sqft). This represents a fall of 3% since new. Average rents have also fallen by approximately 9.7% in the past 2 years. Read More

The House Minamiazabu penthouse floorplan now available

The floorplan for the 1.8 billion Yen (since reduced to 1.5 billion Yen) penthouse in The House Minamiazabu has just been made public. This apartment recently made headlines in foreign media through a PR-blitz announcing it as the ‘most expensive 1-Bedroom apartment in the world’. Read More

$5 million price reduction on penthouse in Akasaka

The asking price for the full-floor penthouse at the top of Foretseine Akasaka Hikawacho has been reduced from a staggering 1.205 billion Yen to a still staggering price of 820 million Yen (10.6 million USD). This is a discount of 385 million Yen (5 million USD), or just over 30%. Read More