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A message from Minato City regarding the Tohoku Earthquake

On April 5, 2011, Minato City released the following bulletin:

Damage within Minato-ku as of March 12, 2011

Minato-ku experienced a Shindo level (seismic intensity scale) of lower 5 on March 11. The whole of Tokyo was reported to have a Shindo level of upper 5, but exact levels within Tokyo varied. Click here to read about the Japanese seismic scales. (more…)

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Tokyo Land Prices in June

Based on current market prices, the average price of a 100sqm (1,076sqft) piece of land in Tokyo is as follows:


Minato-ku (188 plots)
100sqm = 129,849,000 Yen

Shibuya-ku (306 plots)
100sqm = 98,725,000 Yen

Meguro-ku (296 plots)
100sqm = 73,834,000 Yen

Setagaya-ku (1,431 plots)
100sqm = 63,590,000 Yen

The above data is sourced from the Homes database of land currently for sale. This data is current for June 1, 2010.

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Aoyama The Tower 22nd Floor Apartment For Sale

aoyama-the-tower-exterior1Aoyama The Tower 22nd Floor
298,000,000 Yen No longer available
140.83 sqm (1,516 sqft)

A 3-Bedroom apartment in the luxury Aoyama The Tower building has just been released onto the market. This corner unit is on the 2nd most highest floor and does not look over the Aoyama Cemetary (cemetary views can be a negative sales point for some).

This particular unit is currently rented, and the tenant is expected to move out in early July, 2010. The building was constructed by Takenaka Corporation who also built Akasaka Tower Residence, Tokyo Midtown and the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Renewal. (more…)

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Tokyo Twin Parks Premier Floor Apartment For Sale


tokyo-twin-parks-exteriorTokyo Twin Parks Right Wing 46th Floor
360,000,000 Yen SOLD
159.60sqm (1,718 sqft)

This apartment is located on one of the “Sky House” premier floors in the Tokyo Twin Parks apartment complex. The sky house floors are between the 45th and 47th floors, and there are only 33 of these units. These floors have a triple autolock security system, 2.85m high ceilings in the living rooms, floor heating in all rooms and carparks provided for each apartment. (more…)

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Park Mansion Mita Hyugazaka (Under Construction)

*Update: All 11 units that were initially offered for sale in May, 2010, sold within 9 days. As of late September, 2010, there are 4 unsold units remaining.

Located across the street from the Australian Embassy and the Tsunamachi Mitsui Club.

Hyugazaka is the name given to the slope between Mita 1 and 2 Chome.?In historical times, the Mita area was the location of Daimyo’s mansions (feudal rulers). (more…)

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The Roppongi Tokyo Club Residence (Under Construction)

A new luxury apartment building is under construction in Roppongi, Tokyo.

The Roppongi Tokyo Club Residence has all the features of a hotel, such as concierge service, room service, catering, masseur, valet parking, porter and more. Just 5 minutes walk to Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown.

The first stage of sales will begin on July 17th, 2010, with 92 units available for purchase.   Over 600 people visited the showroom, with most interested buyers having a budget of around 150,000,000 JPY.  Given the prime central Tokyo location, and its celebrity appeal, the developers are expecting the units to be sold out on the same day. In fact, all of the penthouse units received purchase applications in the first week of sales.


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Atlas Tower Roppongi

Average price: 2,066,000 Yen/sqm
Size range: 52.80 ~ 154.59 sqm (568 ~ 1663 sqft)

Location: Roppongi, Minato-ku


Atlas Tower Roppongi is a 29-storey high-rise condominium located just minutes from Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown.  (more…)

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Average House Listing Prices for May 12, 2010

According to real estate listing site Home’s, the average price for a100sqm house in Minato-ku is approximately 101 million Yen, and in Shibuya-ku is approximately 75 million Yen as of May 12, 2010.

Continue reading for details on the average prices for each area in central Tokyo.


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Average Apartment Listing Prices for May 12, 2010

According to real estate listing site Home’s, the average price for a 70sqm apartment less than 10 years old in Minato-ku and Shibuya-ku is approximately 65~66 million Yen.

Continue reading for details on the average prices for each area in central Tokyo.


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Minato-ku: Average Apartment Prices by Station

Minato-ku apartment price rankings as provided by The latest information was provided in October, 2009.


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