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Kichijoji Designer House

3-Bedrooms + 1 Bathroom + 1 Car space
Kichijoji Minamicho, Musashino City, Tokyo
135,000,000 Yen
This is an architect-designed house in the Kichijoji area in Musashino City. From Kichijoji Station it is 16 minutes direct to Shibuya Station, 17 minutes direct to Shinjuku Station, 21 minutes direct to Yoyogi Station and 30 minutes direct to Tokyo Station.

The reinforced-concrete and glass house was designed by Hiroshi Shoji Architect & Associates ( and completed in 2010. In 2011 it was awarded a prize by the Japan Institute of Architects, and was also awarded a prize in 2013 by the Architectural Institute of Japan. The house has featured in several magazines and web publications. It was constructed by Kuroshio Construction Corporation.

The house is all-electric (no gas) and has solar panels on the rooftop. It features a living room with high ceilings, custom-made kitchen with oven, dishwasher and IH cooktop, floor heating in the living/dining/kitchen area, a toilet on each floor, an outdoor deck and courtyard area.

Windows are insulated ‘pair’ glass, hot water is provided by a heat pump water heater, roof skylight windows have a UV coating, floor are oak, exposed concrete walls have been stamped with cedar panels,

The land is zoned as Category I exclusively low-rise residential zone. Minimum land sizes in this neighbourhood are 120 sqm.

House size:

  • 1F: 57.36 sqm
  • 2F: 49.92 sqm
  • B1F: 40.75 sqm

About Kichijoji:

Kichijoji is 12 km west of Shinjuku. It is a trendy and desirable residential neighbourhood that offers a vibrant and varied shopping and cafe culture that appeals to young people and young families.

Local attractions include the Inokashira Park and Zoo, Ghibli Museum and the Sun Road shopping street.

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And the most desirable area in Tokyo is…

In 3rd spot: Ebisu, Shibuya-ku.

Major 7 announced the results of their latest survey of the most desirable neighborhoods in Tokyo and the Kansai area. The data is collected by Mitsubishi Estate, Daikyo and 5 other major condominium developers. In Tokyo, Kichijoji was in top spot for the fourth consecutive year. Ashiya was number one in Kansai for the seventh consecutive year. Read More