Plans to double population around Chiba’s Kashiwa Station

Kashiwa Station in 1973.

Kashiwa City in Chiba Prefecture is embarking on a plan to reinvigorate the area around Kashiwa Station and double the local resident population. By 2040 it is hoped that up-and-coming redevelopment projects will see residential floor space increase to 550,000 sqm, double the current level, along with neighborhood population doubling to 17,000.

The city will be encouraging the construction of mixed-use high-rise buildings that include residential, office and retail to attract both residents and workers. The current share of retail and commercial space is expected to be maintained, while the share of residential will be boosted to 47%.

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Farmer donates land to Kashiwa City

Mr. Ryoichi Iinuma (right) and the Kashiwa City Mayor (left)

A farmer in Kashiwa City, Chiba, has donated a 5350sqm block of land to the city to be used for a children’s playground and as an emergency evacuation site.

The land has a market value of approximately 640 million Yen (8.3 million USD). It is 700 meters from JR Minami Kashiwa Station and is adjacent to the Shintomicho residential neighborhood.

Mr. Ryoichi Iinuma’s request is that the land is used for the benefit of the community and is not subdivided. The block adjoins Mr. Iinuma’s home and is currently planted with chestnut trees.

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