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Hiroshima’s Naked Island sold

Hiroshima’s Naked Island sold

Hiroshima Sukune IslandSukune Island in Hiroshima Prefecture sold at public auction to a private bidder for 7,788,800 Yen. The price was a little over 3 times the evaluation price set by the court. 

A total of 10 bids were made on the 7400 sqm island. The winning bidder is the manager of a rental apartment building in nearby Fukuyama City. The 73-year old does not have immediate plans for the island. (more…)

The Naked Island in Hiroshima for sale

Sukune Island Hiroshima 2Sukune Island will go up for public auction in February. The uninhabited island was featured in the internationally acclaimed 1960 film ‘The Naked Island. The director, Kaneto Shindo, passed away in 2012 and associates and fans of the actor are looking for donations to purchase the island to honour his memory. (more…)

How to buy your own island in Japan

Japan is said to have over 6,852 islands, of which 430 are uninhabited. With the exception of the disputed islands, Japanese islands are typically freehold and can be purchased and sold by private individuals. (more…)

Tropical island for sale in Okinawa

Your own private island and private beach in Okinawa!

This is a privately-owned freehold island just offshore of Iriomote Island in Okinawa Prefecture. Ubanari Island, which is shaped like a footprint, is almost 37,000 sqm in size (9 acres) and is approximately 400 meters long and 100-200 meters wide. The island is special enough to have its own Wikipedia page.

The island, which is closer to Taiwan than Okinawa, is uninhabited. Depending on the tide, it is possible to walk over from Iriomote Island. (more…)

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