Shibuya / Shoto Real Estate

While the area around Shibuya Station is a lively and densely packed commercial and retail zone, there is a luxury, low-rise residential area located just 600 meters from the busy shopping hub. The Shoto and Kamiyamacho area is one of Japan’s most exclusive and sought-after neighbourhoods.

Residents include former Prime Ministers and CEOs of some of Japan’s top companies. There are also several embassies, Nabeshima Park and the Shoto Museum of Art.

The following is a selection of apartments, houses, land and investment properties for sale in the Shibuya / Shoto areas:

Lupinas sm2Lupinas Shibuya Sakuragaoka Garden Court
Apt. 6F / 3-Bedrooms / 105.00 m²
Forest Terrace Shoto sm2Forest Terrace Shoto
Apt. PH / 3-Bedrooms / 254.00 m²
Shibuya Higashi House sm1Shibuya Higashi House
2-Bedrooms / House: 118.37 m²
Jingumae House sm1Jingumae 5 House
2-Bedrooms / House: 161.02 m²
Kamiyamacho House sm1Kamiyamacho House
4-Bedrooms / House: 148.66 m²
Shoto House sm1Shoto 2 House
4-Bedrooms / House: 193.35 m²
Hachiyamacho sm2Hachiyamacho 4 Land
117.02 m²
Jingumae Building sm3Jingumae Apartment Building
4 units / Gross yield: 3.66%
Shoto Regency sm1Shoto Residential Building
Residential / Gross yield: -%

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