Hiroo / Azabu Real Estate

The Hiroo and Azabu area (Minamiazabu, Nishiazabu, Azabu Juban) is one of the most popular residential neighbourhoods for expats and their families.

The area is home to Arisugawa Park, the Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club, many embassies, international schools, foreign supermarkets, open cafes, restaurants and various shopping options.

The Azabu addresses fall under Tokyo’s “3 A’s” (Akasaka, Aoyama and Azabu), which are the most desirable locations in the city. The Minamiazabu 4 Chome address is considered to be one of Tokyo’s leading luxury residential addresses.

The following is a selection of apartments, houses, land and investment properties for sale in the Hiroo and Azabu areas:

Hiroo sm3Hiroo Garden Hills East Hill
Apt. 6F
102.60 m²

Hiroo sm3Hiroo Garden Hills
Apt. 2F
112.89 m²

HirooHiroo Garden Hills South Hill
Apt. 5F
125.94 m²


NishiazabuPark House Nishiazabu
Apt. 3F
125.64 m²

DomusDomus Minamiazabu
Apt. 4F
152.12 m²

Proud Motoazabu 4F sm2Proud Motoazabu
Apt. 4F
143.71 m²


Garden Passage sm2Garden Passage Hiroo
Apt. B1-1F
236.56 m²


Motoazabu 3 House sm3Motoazabu 3-1 House
House: 130.60 m²

Minamiaoyama House sm4Minami Aoyama 7 House
House: 164.34 m²


Minamiazabu 3 sm1Minamiazabu 3-15 Land
89.19 m²
Nishiazabu Land sm1Nishiazabu 4 Land
147.78 m²
Motoazabu Land sm1Motoazabu Land
200.69 m²
Road width: 2.50m


Warou Flat sm11930s Apartment Building in Azabu
Gross yield: 3.73%

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