LaSalle buys Midosuji Front Tower

On October 3, LaSalle Investment Management, headquartered in Chicago, announced the purchase of Midosuji Front Tower in Osaka’s Umeda district through their Frontier Property LLC, signalling the end of the building’s 8 year vacancy. The sale price was not disclosed.

Midosuji Front Tower was completed in 2010. It has sat vacant ever since due to a dispute between the owners.

1000 room hotel for Osaka’s Umeda district

On August 7, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings announced plans to open a 1,000 room hotel in Yodobashi Umeda Tower – a 35-storey redevelopment adjacent to the Yodobashi electronics store in Umeda, Osaka. The first 8 floors of the building will be retail, with the hotel located on floors 9 and above. The hotel is scheduled to open in 2020, with the lower-floor retail to open in late 2019. This will be the largest hotel based on room count in Osaka City.

New apartment prices across greater Tokyo hit second highest level in history

The average price of a brand new apartment across greater Tokyo in the first half of 2018 has reached the second highest level seen in recorded history. According to the Real Estate Economic Institute, the average price was 59,620,000 Yen, exceeding the level of 59,350,000 Yen seen in the first half of 1990, but falling short of the peak of 64,500,000 Yen seen in the first half of 1991.