Tokyo neighborhoods providing the best return on investment in 2018

Tokyo Kantei has ranked the station areas that provide the highest combined return of both rental income and capital gain from purchasing 2008, renting the apartment to a tenant for 10 years, and selling in 2018.

In top spot was Minato-Mirai Station in Yokohama with an average combined gross return of 12.29% per annum. 

Harajuku was in second spot with an average return of 12.22%. Harajuku was the highest-ranked area across greater Tokyo for capital appreciation between 2008 and 2018 with the average price of an apartment increasing by 73.5% in value since new. 


StationGross combined return per annum
[1]Minato-Mirai (Yokohama)12.29%
[5]Azabu Juban8.43%

About the Data:

  • Gross combined return is total capital gain and rental income over the past 10 years. It does not include holding costs, purchase and disposal costs, or periods of vacancy.

Source: Tokyo Kantei, July 22, 2019.

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