Tokyo’s Chuo ward to ban minpaku rentals 5 nights a week

Tokyo’s Chuo Ward is planning to introduce tight regulations that will ban minpaku-style overnight rentals in private residences from midday Mondays through to midday Saturdays, allowing a host to only operate on Saturday and Sunday nights. This regulation will override the new national law that will go into effect from June 2018.

While the national law allows up to 180 nights per year, Chuo’s rule will limit hosts to around 100 nights per year. Hosts may be required to meet guests in person to conduct identity checks and to explain rules about keeping noise to a minimum. They may also be required to have a system in place to allow someone to quickly visit the property in the event of any trouble.

Unlike other districts where local governments are planning to ban weekday rentals in exclusive residential zones only, Chuo’s rule ban will apply to all zones in the ward. Meguro Ward is also considering a ban in all districts from Mondays through to midday Fridays.

The proposed rule is expected to be submitted at a ward assembly meeting in February, and could go into effect from June.

The Sankei Shimbun, December 27, 2017.
The Nikkei Shimbun, December 27, 2017.