199m tall building for Tsukishima

A 59-storey, 199m tall condominium is planned for Tsukishima – a manmade island in Tokyo Bay. A town planning decision is expected in 2018, with construction to start in 2022 and completion scheduled for 2025.

The Tsukishima 3 Chome North District Redevelopment Project will include approximately 1,120 apartments, as well as retail and childcare facilities on the lower floors.

The site covers a 1.5 hectare block with Sumida River on one side and Nishinaka ‘Monja’ Street on the other.

To the south of this site is the Tsukishima 3 Chome South District Redevelopment Association site which is currently in the early discussion phase for for a 190m tall condominium with 750 apartments that could be completed by around 2024.

Tallest buildings on Tsukishima:

  1. Capital Gate Place (2015): 181m, 53 storeys
  2. Century Park Tower (1999): 180m, 54 storeys
  3. River City 21 East Towers II (2000): 144m, 43 storeys
  4. Sky Light Tower (1993): 139m, 40 storeys
  5. Moon Island Tower (2002): 133m, 38 storeys
  6. River Point Tower (1989): 132m, 40 storeys
  7. River City 21 East Tower (1991): 127m, 37 storeys


Source: The Daily Engineering & Construction News, November 14, 2017.