Mori moving forward with two long-awaited projects in Roppongi

Roppongi Toranomon Developments1

Mori Building is moving ahead with two major high-rise redevelopment projects in the Roppongi and Azabu/Toranomon districts – the Roppongi 5 Chome Redevelopment and the Toranomon-Azabudai Redevelopment.

Both projects are likely to become landmark buildings and may contain a mix of office, retail, entertainment and luxury apartments. Completion could be as early as 2022.

Mori’s investment in these two projects, as well as several other high-rise projects to be developed around the Toranomon Hills complex between 2019 an 2022, is expected to exceed 1 trillion Yen (approx. 9.3 billion USD). Mori is aiming to turn the district into an international business hub to rival that of Singapore or Hong Kong.

Roppongi 5 Chome District Redevelopment:

A 10 hectare site located to the east of Mori’s landmark Roppongi Hills complex. This project has been under discussion for some time now and has the nickname of “Roppongi Hills 2” due to expectations of a complex equal to or exceeding that of the nearby Roppongi Hills development. The total building area is expected to be 1,000,000 sqm (10 million sq.ft), which is 38% larger than the Roppongi Hills complex.

The area includes the ROI Building (a notorious building that was the site of a grisly gang-related murder in 2012), the Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin Elementary School, and The International House of Japan which was founded in 1952 with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Roppongi 5 Chome address was once a highly prominent neighbourhood that was home to several grand estates of Japan’s nobility. While the houses have long-since been demolished, many of the original garden walls remain.

Roppongi International House of Japan

Roppongi 5 Chome

Roppongi 5 Chome 2

Toranomon-Azabudai District Redevelopment:

A 8 hectare site located between Mori’s Ark Hills Sengokuyama and the Azabu Post Office. Mori has been slowly buying up land in this area for years.

Toranomon Azabu District 3

Toranomon Azabu District 2

Toranomon Azabu District

Source: The Yomiuri Shimbun, May 7, 2016.

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