Road for sale in Fukushima (Starting Bid: $12)

This road in Fukushima Prefecture has been seized by the local city and is up for public auction. The starting bid is 1,000 Yen (12 USD) for the 20sqm piece of land and asphalt. The road was built in 1973 and was designed to provide access to blocks of land for holiday villas. The management company, however, went bankrupt.

The road cannot be built on, removed, obstructed or used for any other purpose.

Auction Details:
– Applications: January 7, 2011 ~ January 21, 2011
– Bidding: January 27, 2011 ~ February 3, 2011
– Payment Deadline: February 16, 2011

Property Details:
– Area: 20sqm (registered size)
– Road width: 490 cm
– Land Classification: Public use road
– Location: 7119-66, Shinhayashi, Inawashiro, Yama District, Fukushima Prefecture

Source: Yahoo Auctions Japan